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For those aspiring to become the next 'American Idol', Karaoke division champion, they need to practice their singing whenever and whereever they can. Also, novice singers need to memorize a song's pitch so as not to be embarassed by singing out of tune. One of the biggest hurdles they face when they practice singing is from some people who get hostile towards them because of the noise, especially when these people are in their no-noise mood.

To reduce singing noise, some Karaoke singers have been using a Noiseless Karaoke mic:

Well, it's civil, yet so totally not looking cool.

Introducing the best singing noise solution:

The Carryoke is a handheld, pocket-sized, foldable wireless accessory that deadens noise, thus preventing unwanted singing noise from being heard by music averse people. Since it is small enough to fit inside one's pocket, it makes it convenient for a user to carry his Karaoke equipment around. This device allows a person to practice singing at any place, any time, to his/her satisfaction while being considerate towards other people.

We are actively developing Carryoke and will be launching it soon. Thank you.


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